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Thesis Theme 2.0: Remove Attribution Link From The Footer Without PHP

Thesis Theme: After upgrading to the new Theses Theme 2.0 Framework, I had a hard time finding the Attribution Link, didn’t know how to remove it from the footer, or even how to change anything on my blog, my layout … I was puzzled. Theses Theme 2.0 appears like a mystery to me hidden behind the fogs of misunderstanding.
I was a bit annoyed, especially because information about how the new Thesis Theme 2.0 framework works is hard to find, an if so, it is written by people who want to earn money from that lack of information.

Thesis 2.0 Framework Remove Attribution Link

Thesis 2.0 Framework Remove Attribution Link

You can actually remove the attribution link without a single line of code in PHP. It’s a simple drag’n’drop action.
After a while I understood the most important thing about Theses 2.0 Framework, you need to know, to make no mistake in removing the Attribution Link.

Thesis Theme 2.0 Skin Editor

How to start….
Let’s say you are writing a post for your blog, using Thesis Theme 2.0 Framework.
The first thing you do is check the template you are using. By default you haven’t got a really big choice, but at least a little one.

By default you should only see „No Custom Template“ and „Landing Page“. At least that’s what I see.

Thesis Theme 2.0: Remove Attribution Link - Check Template

Remove Thesis 2.0 Attribution Link – Check Template

First I couldn’t find out how to remove the Attribution link from „No Custom Template“, but I found out, how to create a cutom template. As you can see in the Picture I added „MyFirstTemplate“. In this template I was able to remove the attribution link with ease.

So we now move to the skin editor…
It’s really not very intuitive … like everything in Thesis Theme 2.0!
They barely used any standards in the Layout and handling of the skin editor. But after a while, you get used to it.

Thesis Theme 2.0 Skin Editor Select Template

Thesis Theme 2.0 Skin Editor Select Template

Thesis Theme 2.0 comes with four Basic Templates, from which you can create your Custom Template by adding new and copying:

  • Home (sometimes called ‚Front Page‘)
  • Single
  • Page
  • Archive>/li>

Additionally there is a custom template calles „Landing Page“.

I wonder, why you cannot simply create a template, based on any other template … but this is one of the Thesis Theme 2.0 mysteries I will never understand …

You can still edit those Core Templates, and – as far as the Attribution Link is concerned – that is very easy.

Click on the name of the selected Template (Big Letters, left, „Home“ in my example). You get that Black Box with three sections: Core Template, Custom Template, Copy from Template.
In order to edit a template (core or custom) just click on one of the names (= links) that appeared. This is not very intuitive … (I guess I’ve mentioned that before).

On the left hand side, down on the bottom you find a box named „footer“.
When you move the mouse over that box, some things get displayed. On the right you see the arrow, that will expand the box. Just click on that.

Thesis 2.0 Skin Editor Footer

Thesis 2.0 Skin Editor Footer

Now you can see the Thesis Attribution Link.
Hold down the shift key, click on it and then drag it to the right part of the screen and drop it.
Now it’s gone…
Do not forget to save the Template! The button is in the top right hand side

Thesis Theme 2.0 Skin Editor Save Template

Thesis Theme 2.0 Skin Editor Save Template

I hope that was helpful and saves you a lot of time and headaches …

Have fun everybody


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